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A quick and convenient program which allows the user to prepare and print invoices.
Inventory and service pricing as well as the final total of the invoice are automatically calculated. This takes considerablely less time than a manual computation and prevents any potential errors. The inventory is automatically updated to reflect the factual stock.


This module is used for invoicing goods and services based on the product and service directory. It does not provide warehouse inventory management. The invoicing module features the following:
  1. manual data entry and entries based on the the product and service directory,
  2. automatic data transfer to VAT records,
  3. interaction with the periodic invoice module.
All invoices can be produced in three languages:
  1. Polish,
  2. English,
  3. and German.
The directory of goods and services can also be drawn up in three different languages.

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Periodic invoices

In the event when invoices are drawn up periodically for customers, the program provides a useful tool which allows the planning and design of the date, amount, and the content of the invoice to be prepared. This features are available in the periodic invoice options. While designing a periodic invoice, the user will specify the name of the customer, services or products with respect to which the invoice is to be issued, quantity, and sale price. This data is entered onto a list automatically as the invoice is produced and the invoice is logged as ,,processed'' - signalled also by the change in invoice color.
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Product/Service Catalogue

Product/Service Catalogue allows the categorizing of information regarding the products and services offered. Each product on the list is described by two types of windows.
  • Name - contains basic data - name, measurement unit, VAT rate,
  • Calculation - prices, foreign currency, conversion rate,
  • Description - additional information such as English or German name, dimensions, weight,
  • Image - space for a picture or drawing of a product,
The Discripition window contains a field for entering the name of a product or service, which is printed on documents and balance sheets, and additional information such as item, PKWiU (Polish Classification of Products and Services), supplier ID, packaging, etc. In the Discription window, the user can find all the data concerning products and services, which are utilized in multi-level price sales and foreign currency price-list. The application can automatically convert foreign currency sales according to a preset rate.
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Customer Directory

Customer Directory is a database that collects all the information about customers such as addresses, contact data, phone numbers, and etc. Sometimes it becomes necessary to identify a particular group of customers, which the program makes possible via the following options:
  • Region - 128 regions available for grouping customers.
  • Salesman - the most universal tool for categorizing and analyzing documents as well as for automatizing records.
  • Characteristics - there are 32 customer characteristics available.
Some fields in the Customer Directory have additional properties:
  • search by the first letter of a word; a letter after a blank space allows to search for the second word in a sequence.
  • additional field - added to the begining of the name
  • remarks - text area for miscellaneous information,
  • search by NIP number or any phrase,
  • NIP double-entry prevention - signalled during adding new customers,
  • automatic adressing of documents(envelopes, labels).
Customer data window also consists of fields supporting invoicing procedures. The user can ascribe certain attributes to customers such as discounts, available credit, price-lists. These fields are used only during the invoicing process.
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Other documents

Apart from the standard invoices, the program can produce other documents, especially those connected with foreign trade or intra-organizational matters:
  • domestic invoices,
  • export invoices,
  • SGU invoices (Supply of Goods within the EU),
  • PGU invoices (Purchase of Goods within the EU).
  • invoice corrections,
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Mobile version

INVOICER is an invoicing application designed for small to medium sized businesses without warehousing facilities. A very interesting feature is a possible definition of the so-called periodic invoice, that is the invoice issued periodically for the same customers. The program enables the user to produce many different types of invoices.
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Full compatible Invoicer Mobile with Invoicer Madar

Data entered into one of them is instantly visible on the other one. Changes like insert or update data in databases, issuing invoices are visable in both programs.
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Freeware license

Invoicer Madar and Mobile are distributed as Freeware. You may use it on any number of computers for as long as you like. The software is NOT Public Domain however. We allow a free distribution of the software, but we retain the ownership and copyright of it and of its source code in their entirety.

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