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Invoicer Mobile - free online invoicing aplication


The Madar programs also work in the Linux environment - using technology of the Lazarus Project, which enables the movement of an entire programming code written in Delphi into the Linux setting.

LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) provides a low cost platform for diskless worstations used as GNU/ LINUX terminals - run both in a graphical or character mode... >>

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Check out MADAR programs before you decide to buy some other products. Test our demo versions - just download them and install. All programs are freeware.

CRMadar 3.0

CRMadar 3.0 is designed to give you the knowledge that you will need to develop and implement smarter customer strategies as well as maximize the profits. It is a powerful software solution for Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Workflow Management for small and medium-size companies.
The CRMadar application facilitates contact management, campaign management, and customer service.


Invoicer MADAR

The INVOICER is an invoicing application designed for small to medium sized businesses. Inventory and service price as well as the total of an invoice are automatically calculated. This takes considerablely less time than a manual computation and prevents any potential errors. The inventory is automatically updated to reflect the factual stock. Freeware accounting software



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It support languages such as:
  • Polish
  • English
  • German

Invoicer Mobile

Invoicer Mobile is a program to invoiving available through a web browser. It enables employees to work outside the company's office. Invoicer Mobile may be installed independently or together with Invoicer Madar. Invoicer Mobile and Invoicer Madar are fully compatible programs, while working simultaneously in both programs, data entered into one of them is instantly visible on the other one.

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MADAR Secretary

The MADAR Secretary is designed to make office work effortless in the area of filing and tracking documents and mail. It is a powerful software solution for small and medium size companies.

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Madar has opened a Forum, where you can get some answers about the Invoicer and CRMadar that you may have and where you can report bugs or get some instructions on how to use the program.




Invoicer Mobile - free online invoicing aplication

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